Care Instructions – Fuzzi Bunz Store

Care Instructions

Storage: Store Fuzzi Bunz and inserts in a dry pail. Soaking diapers in pails is not recommended because it tends to make the diapers stink. Separate inserts from Fuzzi Bunz before putting into the pail.

Washing & Drying: Empty the diapers and inserts into the washer. Run a cold soak or prewash cycle to get the initial mess rinsed and spun out of the washer. Wash the diapers on a WARM or HOT wash with regular detergent (use about 1/2 the normal amount). Follow with a double rinse. Hanging your diapers to dry is recommended (they don’t take long to dry), but you may dry in the dryer on low heat. Inserts can be dried in the dryer with the diapers and turned up to high heat once the diapers are removed. Adding a few drops of tea tree oil to the wash helps to kill bacteria and gives them a clean scent. You can also add Calgon Water Softener to the wash for extra cleansing power and to prevent detergent build-up.
No bleach or fabric softener. Vinegar is not recommended.

Detergents: Mother of Eden highly recommends Allen’s Naturally detergent. I will be offering this soon. You can purchase it at now at You can also use any type of regular store-bought detergent such as Tide. The use of natural detergents besides Allen’s Naturally is not recommend as they can cause problems. No Dreft or similar products.

FB should not stain. Some diaper rash ointments will stain and care should be taken when using such products if you want your FB to stay nice and stain free. Ointments can also cause other problems so their use is not recommended.