Why should ditch tobacco for electronic cigarettes

Smoking is a habit that one develops with time. It starts with that single puff then smoking one stick after where you find yourself hooked on it to an extent you can’t go a day without smoking. There are several reasons why people smoke. Some people say smoking brings about that relaxing effect while others say it stimulates their body. However, smoking is declared to be harmful to your body. Life-threatening diseases like cancer have been linked to tobacco found in cigarettes. One may also experience difficulties in breathing. Several measures have been undertaken to help curb smoking. Governments and organizations have set up campaigns to educate the public about the dangers of smoking.

We have also seen the invention of electronic cigarettes which have been introduced to help reduce smoking002 tobacco. It is a pen-like device which operates by the use of battery power. It contains liquid nicotine which is converted into vapor when inhaled. The liquid nicotine also referred to as e-juice contains different flavors. There are mixing supply shops and sites Where you can find products to put nicotine in e-juice. The e-cigarette is less harmful compared to the traditional cigarette. Non-smokers are advised not to add nicotine to their e-juice. Smokers trying to quit through vaping should try different nicotine levels depending on the number of sticks you smoke daily. There are several reasons why you should ditch tobacco for the electronic cigarette.

No bad smell

Electronic cigars produce a good odor compared to the tobacco cigarette. They use the e-liquid which contains various types of flavors that leave a good smell in your olfactory system. Some of these flavors include strawberry, chocolate, and mint. No smoke is produced during the inhaling process. You should ditch tobacco for electronic cigarettes if you want that lovely smell after smoking. There is no need of chewing refreshing mint after smoking.

Adjustable nicotine levels

Nicotine is the substance that causes addiction to cigarettes. Tobacco contains high levels of nicotine which brings about that addiction and this may render you a chain smoker. With the rechargeable cigars, you can adjust nicotine levels to that which suits you. Those trying to quit can adjust to certain levels of nicotine while those who do not smoke can choose not to mix nicotine in their vaping juice.


003The e-cigarette is a small pen like structure which can fit well in your pocket without getting damaged. A stick of tobacco can break or get damaged spilling everything in your pocket. The harmful nature of tobacco means you can only smoke in private or restricted areas. Vaping produces no smoke meaning you can vape anywhere at any time without posing any harm or danger to anyone.…

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