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Cost Comparison

Diapering Method Cost / 3 Years Money Saved w/ FB Keeps Baby Dry?
Fuzzi Bunz w/FB Inserts $646.20 YES
Fitted diapers / covers $800.28 $154.08 NO
All in One Diapers $844.56 $198.36 NO
NON-Reusable Diapers $2452.80 $1806.60 Questionable
Our method:

Fuzzi Bunz prices were calculated at regular retail price including the Fuzzi Bunz Micro Insert. Other prices were taken from averaging the top selling brands of diapers in each class and estimating how many a child would need over a 3 year period. Even if a child trains at 2 or 2.5 they will still have gone through 3 sizes of diapers at this point.

Non-reusable figures were calculated on the basis of a child using 8-10 diapers / day with an average cost of .28/diaper

None of these figures factor in the cost of disposable or reusable diaper wipes or the washing / drying / disposal / energy cost.


Aside from needing LESS diapers to get you through a day, Fuzzi Bunz also save you money in the following way compared to other diapering methods.

Fuzzi Bunz dry in about 1/4 of the time that regular diapers do. This will save you money on your electricity bill. Using less diapers uses less water to wash, saving money on your water bill.

Fuzzi Bunz will last a LONG time! Future babies can use these saving you even MORE money!

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