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On Sale!! Substitute COLORED Fuzzi Bunz for WHITE Fuzzi Bunz for no additional charge!

Fuzzi Bunz is a cloth diapering system that offers parents a leak free, rash free and disposal free way of diapering. They are easy to clean, care for and use unlike traditional cloth diapers. To learn more about the system, visit the About Fuzzi Bunz Link to the left.

We offer Fuzzi Bunz diapers individually and in packages which saves you considerably off of MSRP. Available with and without inserts.

More Details Create your Own Fuzzi Bunz Diaper Package! Choose the quantity you need. Mix & Match Colors. Buy with or without Inserts. Add to Shopping Cart

More Details White Fuzzi Bunz Diapers Individually US $13.95 Add to Shopping Cart

More Details Colored Fuzzi Bunz Diapers Individually US $13.95 Add to Shopping Cart

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