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Sizing Chart for Fuzzi Bunz

Extra Large
4-10 lbs
22-35+ lb
18-30+ lb
35+ lb
0-6 mo
6-12+ mo
10mo – 3+ yr
10 mo – 3+ yr
3-5 yr
5-10 in
10-13 in
11-14 in
9-12 in

Babies come in all different shapes and sizes. A baby that may weigh 15 pounds may be very different in size and shape than their same weight counterpart of another age.

Mother of Eden has designed what we feel to be a very comprehensive size chart.

The following guidelines will also help you in choosing the perfect size for your baby:

* New baby’s need a size small. The smalls will last until they are anywhere from 4-6 months or longer depending baby’s growth.
* Mediums will fit baby’s with either small or large thighs. They will fit babies from 4 months to 8 months or longer.
* Larges will generally not start fitting your baby until at the very least 10 months and are of average size.
* Petite Toddler size are for toddlers that are very much on the small / petite side.
* Extra Large are a BIG diaper made specially for toddlers with very large builds or older children.

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