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A great place to see reviews on the Fuzzi Bunz system is located at epinions.com. Here you’ll find lots of helpful information, as well as actual customer comments (good and bad). You’ll be surprised at how few complaints there are! Below are testimonials from happy Fuzzi Bunz users provided by the manufacturer.
I am using Fuzzi Bunz on my special needs 4 year old. I am amazed! Despite leaving it on WAY too long This diaper refuses to leak!

They are working out GREAT! And sooooo soft for baby�s skin�Sindy

Hail to your Fuzzi Bunz creation! My daughter slept through the night for the first time. When I took her diaper off she was dry�thinking she did not wet much. But the insert inside of the Fuzzi Bunz was drenched. Amazing how dry that fleece kept her skin! Thank you for creating such miracle diapers.�Heather

The fit, the quality, the DRYNESS�it�s wonderful! I wouldn�t have even tried putting on a regular cloth diaper for nighttime. She has slept 10-12 hours in a Fuzzi Bunz every night since they arrived. I�m Amazed!! – Victoria

Will only buy Fuzzi Bunz from now on. I love that the Fuzzi Bunz is thin and dries very fast. I love that neither the Fuzzi Bunz or the inserts get stained or keep smells. I love this product. I am hooked on Fuzzi Bunz! – Shayla

The Fuzzi Bunz worked wonderfully!! All of her other diapers leak (we co-sleep, yuck) or leave marks on her thighs. Your diaper kept her feeling dry all night!!! The prefold inside was sopping this morning, but the fleece on top barely felt wet. Wish I would have found them earlier.�Chris

So happy I now have more than one Fuzzi Bunz and don�t have to wash the same one over and over every day. This diaper has changed my life and my sleeping. My daughter sleeps, so I do too! Thank you! – April

I was so surprised and pleased that I had a dry bed and a child this morning. I look forward to ordering more in the future.�Barrie

I am so grateful to have �discovered� Fuzzi Bunz. It is the only diaper system I will use. They are extremely economical to use on so many levels. I thank your company from the bottom of my heart – Linda

I just love your product!! They are comfortable, leak proof, easy to change and cute besides. She is in Fuzzi Bunz every night without fail. – Liz

I can�t tell you how happy I am with our Fuzzi Bunz. Robert has been wearing them since last summer, after switching from disposables. Along with our king-size bed, they are one of the best parenting investments we have made.�Nicki

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